So this is my blog. This is my little space to have a talk about all things fashion, lifestyle and reality. From latest trends to straight up real talk, if you enjoy relatable and easy to read content then this is for you. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it.

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'I get too involved and get worked up but that’s because I CARE. And that is OKAY! There is nothing wrong with caring and being passionate about things.'

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The Books I Read In July

Need some new books to read… These are the ones I read in July. So…

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I Asked 6 Bloggers What Their Summer Clothing Staple Was – Here’s What They Said

Getting all the goss from my fave fashion bloggers about what their summer staple was…

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Summer Lipstick: My Go To And Why

Because this lipstick looks chic as hell and lasts like a dream… *The liquid lipstick…

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Think Pieces

Why Friendships Are Like Clothes

errrr….. friendships are a bit like clothing. The can fit like a glove and then…

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My Struggle With Flat Lays

Flat Lays go away, and don’t come again another day. I used to be an…

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The Essentials Edit: The Denim Skirt

Practical, cute and easy to dress up or down… the denim skirt. One of the…

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