So this is my blog. This is my little space to have a talk about all things fashion, lifestyle and reality. From latest trends to straight up real talk, if you enjoy relatable and easy to read content then this is for you. I hope you enjoy reading my blog as much as I love writing it.

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'I get too involved and get worked up but that’s because I CARE. And that is OKAY! There is nothing wrong with caring and being passionate about things.'

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Why I Came Off The Pill

For being pill free for six months now I thought it was time to give…

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Browse The Stores – ASOS Sale

We all love a sale especially when its an ASOS Sale… and here are a…

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100 Things To Do In Your Home

How to keep yourself busy and productive whilst enjoying the mass amount of down time…

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How To Find Your Perfect Evening Dress

The evening dress essentials for when we want to dress up a little fancier… This…

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First Book Review of 2020

Whilst we all suddenly seem to have more time, which means more reading, these are…

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Browse The Stores

Browse The Stores – Loungewear

Loungewear is essential because who wants to be sat inside all day wearing jeans… Don’t…

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