Jewellery Galore!



Necklace Holder

Jewellery Box

This is my jewellery collection!

I have a rather large collection which, to be honest, is just admired on the wall most of the time, not actually worn. I am not a massive jewellery wearer for definite, however every now and then I will wear the odd ring or necklace. I recieved my necklace and bracelet holder as a present last year and I think it is so adorable with the cute little owls! My favorite necklace is a silver locket I own because it is very sentimental with me. I have had it a few years, and it is also very simple so will go with nearly every outfit I have. I also love my pandora bracelet. This was a 16th birthday present for me from my parents and since then I have been building up the charms. If you own a pandora bracelet then you will agree that you have to have a colour scheme, and I have a teal/blue colour scheme. I also have lots of earrings and the odd pieces of jewellery but personally I never change my earrings that often (EW!) but I just forget about it. But I prefer studs rather than hoops or dangly earrings.

I hope you have liked this quick blog enlightening you on my world of jewellery!

Emily Clare x.


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