What’s In My Bag?



Hello everyone!

Firstly I would like to say thank you for all of your amazing support so far in my blogging journey! Secondly I would like to apologize for the lack of posts already, but I have been crazy busy revising and up to my neck in school work trying to balance out my social life that I simply haven’t had time! I promise to try and maintain a frequent daily upload rate!

Right! What is actually in my bag then?!

BAG: Before the contents of the bag the bag which I have been loving right now and the bag which I use regularly is this black leather rucksack from BooHoo. I love this style of bag because whilst it is incredibly trendy right now it is also very practical because it has a large interior and is very easy to open. It is also much better for your posture than a normal handbag, this is because it has two straps balancing out the weight for yourself. The only bummer is that BooHoo is changing its stock constantly so its not being sold anymore.

PURSE: This blue purse is a large purse from Primark. I love this because I can fit all my change and cards in it with easy as well as my receipts (which I really should empty!). The colour is gorgeous and was very inexpensive.

PRESSED POWDER AND BRUSH: I always keep an old pressed powder and a powder bruhs in my handbags so that if I am on the go but look a bit shiny then I can quickly buff some powder onto my face and carry on. The Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed powder is amazing (I will do a review on this in a couple of weeks) and the brush is super soft!

BENEFIT POCKET PAL: I love this product because it is a super easy to apply, two in one product which saves room in my bag! It is super pigmented on both the lips and cheeks and is very long lasting. It is rather pricey but worth the buy as it lasts long!

BODY SHOP COCONUT LIP BUTTER: This is a lovely moisturizing lip butter which applies smoothly to the lip and helps repair it very quickly! I would recommend everyone having a lip balm or lip butter in there bag as a just in case item.

SUNGLASSES: You never know when the sun may pop out unexpectedly so its all ways worth while keeping a pair close to you. I have an extensive sunglasses range which one day I will show you but these were the pair that were in my bag.

HEADPHONES: If I am on a train journey and I don’t have a pair of headphones with me then I feel like dying! This is the Skull Candy headphones as they are reasonably priced and the audio quality is amazing!

FASHION JOURNAL: I always have this journal in my bag so that I can fill it out if I am on a journey. You basically can write down what you are wearing, keep a small diary entry on the trends and it just fills you with happiness, especially if you are a fashion lover like me!

I hope you are all well! Comment what you think your bag necessities are.

Emily x


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