20 Facts About Me!

Hello everyone! So today I thought I would just give you a little more about me because I feel like then my blog can seem a little more personal, but I am sorry if this is not your cup of tea and I will do a beauty related post tomorrow!

Number One: I am 16 years old.

Number Two: I am currently in Year 11 at school and I am currently doing my GCSEs.

Number Three: I am British.

Number Four: I love everything about fashion or beauty.

Number Five: I used to have a YouTube channel however I deleted it.

Number Six: When I am older I would love to be a Fashion Buyer or Fashion Journalist.

Number Seven: I hate snakes, cling film and spiders.

Number Eight: I compete in trampolining!

Number Seven: My blogging inspiration is of course Zoella.

Number Eight: I can’t wait until I can drive in 7 months time!

Number Nine: I have always been told that I have a good eye to tell which colours go together in Interior Designs.

Number Ten: I am fairly good a makeup and all things makeup.

Number Eleven: I work in a hotel cleaning the rooms.

Number Twelve: I am very creative.

Number Thirteen: My favorite subject in school is Fashion.

Number Fourteen: I am a procrastinator when it comes to revision.

Number Fifteen: I am quite good at anything computer related.

Number Sixteen: I have one younger brother but he is actually stronger and taller than me.

Number Seventeen: For A-Levels I have chosen Fashion Btec, Geography and English Lit Lang.

Number Eighteen: Whenever I get my hair cut I ALWAYS regret it (apart from the time I had it dyed).

Number Nineteen: I had a blog before this called BeautyAnion.

Number Twenty: I sadly don’t have any pets. I have had chickens before and my brother has a fish tank in his room but I am not an animal person.

I hope this has given you more of an insight into who I am and about my life!

Emily Clare x

Twitter: @emilyclarebeauty


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