How I Deep Clean My Makeup Brushes


Yesterday i was sorting out all my makeup products and when I came across my makeup brushes I decided that some of them were in need of an over due wash, so I did exactly that but I decided to take a few (awful) snaps and then tell you how I deep clean my brushes. I do this same routine to all of my brushes. I would like to say that I clean my makeup brushes once every week, however I don’t. I/You should wash your makeup brushes at least once a week, so that all the old makeup is washed down the drain, and you aren’t rubbing germs and old yucky particles all over your face every time you put your makeup on. Ewwwwww! Also the more the wash them, the less spots you will have, because a lot of spots can be related to dirty makeup brushes. You learn something new every day!

How I clean my brushes:

1. Firstly I line out my brushes and choose the ones that need washing (there is obvs no point in cleaning clean brushes!).

2. Brush at a time, I soak the brush fully in warm water. Placing it under the running tap for 30 seconds will do!

3. Now I like to use a lovely soap I have to wash my brushes as it is very good at cleaning them and I used to find that when I used either shampoo or conditioner then if I didn’t wash it out well enough it would still be on the brush after it has dried, however I find soap doesn’t! I like to swirl the brush around the soap a couple times.

4. Then give your brush a good ol’ massage. This will release all the nasty germs.

5. Rinse again under luke warm water and leave on a flannel or towel to dry. (make sure to turn off the tap in between as you don’t want to waste water now!)

I hope you have enjoyed this blog!

Emily Clare x

Twitter: @emilyclarebeauty


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