How To Create Professional Looking False Nails Under £5



What you will need:

Elegant Touch Totally Bare Stiletto 003

Any nail polish of your choice – I used Models Own Mint Icing

Every body always has that dream of having those perfect acrylic nails which look amazinggg, but then that dream is shattered at how expensive it costs to go to a beauty salon to get them done. I have had my nails professionally done a couple years ago but I paid a whopping £40! I certainly can’t afford to do this every month and I don’t know how some people can! However I have created this sneaky hack, so you can have professional looking nails without paying a horrible amount of money. In fact this is under £5! BARGAIN!

Firstly wash your hands free of any horrible germs and focus on your nails and underneath your nails. Make sure that they are super dry after! Then file your nails down so that they are relatively short but not too short of course, just ‘normal length’. Taking the false nails, line up the false ones, find the perfect size for each of your nails. Then, I use the glue that comes in the pack, or you can use any nail glue you want, spread a thin layer of glue and press the ail onto your nail and hold for 10 seconds. Then paint on your desired colour or you could go wild with patterns. It is as simple as that!

It is cheap, easy and fun!

What more could you ask for?!

See you tomorrow!

Emily Clare x

Twitter: @emilyclarebeauty


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