March 2016 Jewellery Trends

Hello everyone, I hope you week is going fab so far!

So today is a quick post on jewellery trends for this march. So I have been keep a quick eye out on what is popular lately and I have found a few products. Firstly, I have noticed that there is type of necklace called the Shard Necklace. This little pendent is perfect for making a cute statement and reminds me of the festival season. Secondly and by far my favorite of the bunch is anything rose gold. It is such a gorgeous colour on any piece of jewellery and if you are looking for a chic look then a  rose gold watch will do the job perfectly. Lastly is the ring section; this season bling rings or in! Rings of all colours and on the bigger size are totally in and can make the perfect statement for your outfit


Hope you have enjoyed this! Tell me what your favorite item of jewellery is!

Emily Clare x

Twitter: @emilyclarebeauty


8 thoughts on “March 2016 Jewellery Trends

  1. I love layering small necklaces at the moment. My sister got me the cutest little rose gold triangle necklace for my birthday and I’ve worn it almost every day! I have a pic in my February favourites post if you are interested 🙂

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      1. I’m wearing one now..wished I could snap a pic. It’s silver and wraps around my 2nd toe. There’s an opening so you can just slide them on. You MUST get one its jewelry for your feet and super sexy in the summer. I live in Arizona so it’s warm lots☀️Hope this helps some🌺

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