My Yankee Candle Favorites



Hello lovelies,

Today I thought I would share with you my favorite ever Yankee Candles. But before, to those of you who haven’t heard of this company, Yankee Candles are a popular candle company which I know is very popular in the UK (I am not sure how popular they are else where) and they do a very large range of different scented candles. I have a lot of Yankee Candles, I emphasize A LOT! Especially the mini candles as they make good presents so therefore I have received quite a few before. However I thought I would tell you about my two favorite. The first is the Berry Trifle. I never used to be able to stand any sweet berry scent because I prefer the fresh scents, but after receiving this in a mini one, I loved it so much I went and brought the small jar because it was so good! The smell of your room when you light it makes you feel like you have just cooked a yummy berry pie, hence the name Berry Trifle! Secondly is the Fireside Treats candle. OMG this is amazing! It isn’t too sweet, smells of marshmallows and instantly reminds me of those times that I have been sat around a camp fire. It has a sort of warmth scent to it, if that makes sense? It is also very vanilla-ry and as a vanilla fan, this made it even better.

Yankee Candles are incredibly good quality and burn for such a long time, they leave an amazing smell and they are resonably priced.

Tell me what your favorite is!

Emily Clare x

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6 thoughts on “My Yankee Candle Favorites

  1. Canada is not very Yankee candle friendly. Some stores carry them but they are so expensive ! I usually buy them when I travel to United States. I bought the buttercream scented one once and loved it. The berry trifle sounds delish !

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  2. Yankee Candle is a very popular shop in the USA, too! I get nearly all my candles from them 🙂
    My favorite scents are Merry Marshmallow, Midsummer’s Night, and Bahama Breeze – but I really like most of their scents and cycle through them with the seasons.
    I tried Fireside Treats a couple years ago and loved it, but them Yankee stopped stocking it 😦

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