NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick Review



NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick Chloe

Hello lovelies!

Today I am do a review on the NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick. I picked this lipstick up when I went to the Clothes Show Live (a fashion show in Birmingham) as for the first year ever NYX had a booth and of course I had to buy something. So I picked this up in the shade Chloe! This is a bright pink lipstick with a glittery blue tinge to it. Now I am a fan of bright lipsticks, not so much in bold colours like green but bright pinks or bright reds are always a feature in my lipstick collection. But if you prefer something a little more nude the they do plenty of shades in this lipstick. Because it was very cheap, £3.00 to be precise, I was a little optimistic to what it would be like, however I was wrong. It is a very good lipstick, and slides on the lip lovely. It is very moisturizing on the lip and very pigmented. It is more of a glossy lipstick, and often you find that the glossy lipsticks are less pigmented but this is different. Also the blue tinge of it makes it the bets lipstick to wear on a night out, but isn’t over powering so instead it just gives your lips a shimmer. It is very inexpensive and I would recommend this type of lipstick to anyone, in this shade or a different as it comes in over thirty shades.

I hope you have enjoyed this small review.

Emily Clare x

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