No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick Review!



No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick – 15 Gay Geranium


Hello lovelies!

Firstly… OMG THERE ARE 129 OF YOU FOLLOWING ALONG! That is crazy and I never in a million years dram of this many followers so thank you so much.

Anyway, today I am doing a review on the No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick, specifically the colour 15 Gay Geranium. I got this lipstick a while ago, back in the summer as I thought, and still think it is the perfect lip colour for spring and summer. Admittedly I haven’t worn it during winter, just because winter is more for darker lip colours, but I found it and I can’t wait to start wearing it again as it is just such a bright but fun pop of colour. The packaging is sleek and very mature, nothing to in your face. It is a more of a glossy lipstick to apply but visually is more of a matte colour once on the lips. It is a bright coral or orange colour that would go well if you wanted to take a cheeky pool side selfie in the summer! It applies ok, however the circular shape of the lipstick makes it slightly awkward to apply so I would suggest using a lip brush to any minimise errors that could occur. Also, this colour can pick up on any dry patches on your lips, so putting a lip balm on first may help reduce this. Other than that this lipstick is a lush colour and is worth the price.

Hope you have enjoyed!

Emily Clare x

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