Top 5 Ways To Relax!



Hello lovelies!

I hope you are all well. In the UK we have just broken up from school for the Easter holidays which the thought of it is as relaxing as these methods. If you have had a stressful day or have something hassling you on your mind, if you try these simple methods then it hopefully will help. They certainly help me!

1. Have a nice warm relaxing bath. Pop in lush bath bomb, watch it fizz away, jump in (not literally), put on a film or tv series (the norm for me is Eastenders or Casualty) and take in the lovely scents. My fav lush bath bomb is intergalactic or frozen and then because my lush collection at the moment is rather large I always crumbled a small bit of a bubble bar to give me more excitement!

2. Do some colouring in a good colouring book. Last year I brought the Secret Garden colouring book for my plane flight to Florida, but I never completed it. However over the past month or so I have been slowly colouring it in in between revision sessions to minimise study stress. It has lovely patterns and has loaaaddsss of different style pages.

3. Meditation. I did a 30 day workout exercise and at the end of each week it would be a meditation day as a rest, however I used to think that it was a waste of time and it wasn’t effective, however once I tried it I realised how refreshing it was. It is also an incredibly good way to help straighten your posture.

4. Grab a ‘cuppa and head outside for a bit. There is nothing better, in my opinion, that having a warm brew and then popping outside to sit in the nice sun (if it’s sunny) and just slowly think things through and visualize your problems. By thinking them through and visualizing it you are more likely to think of a solution but do it in a less stressful environment to help yourself.

5. Listen to some music. Whether its some pop and JB or 1D, or soul full ballads or classical, or anything of your choice, its always better to listen to a bit of tunes just to zone out your stresses or problems.

I hope this has helped and I hope you have found this helpful.

Emily Clare x

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