Good Friday Walk!

Hello lovelies!

I’m sorry that this isn’t a beauty related blog but I am going to say it is the beauty of views and serenity. Today being Good Friday, my familiam and my neighbours and a couple other friends have a tradition to do a 12 mile coastal walk. We start off in the morning by eating a full breakfast at a cafe and then we set off stopping for a pub lunch and then finishing at the hotel where I work. It is hard work as there are some killer hills and I have now gained about seven almighty blisters on my toes however it is good fun. What stuns me the most is the gorgeous and spectacular views that we witnessed and we were incredibly lucky with the warm sunny weather, as past years it has tipped down with rain! I am quite lucky with where I live because I am thirty minutes away from both a large city, the moors and the coast and beaches, and whilst walking today it was lovely to witness the peace and beauty of the world around us and whilst the hills are mega exhausting the walk is just very relaxing and I thoroughly enjoyed the day. Here are some photos of the walk, I have others but I don’t want to post them for the anonymity of my friends so sorryyyyyy!

I hope you all had a lovely Good Friday!

Emily Clare x



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