Quick And Easy Easter Nest Recipe!



Hello lovelies!

Hope your enjoying your Easter weekend but remember you can’t touch your chocolate until tomorrow! But if you reallyyyy can’t wait long then you should try this quick and easy Shredded Wheat Easter Nests. Yes before you say… I stupidly forgot to pick up the traditional mini eggs to decorate them so I just used mini marshmallows instead. I haven’t actually tried mine yet, so I hope they taste nice as I am not the best baker or cook in the world…!


300g of milk chocolate (I used a tesco baking chocolate but you can use any)

100g of shredded wheat

Mini marshmallows or mini eggs

So to begin with melt all the begin with melt all the chocolate over a simmering pan of water, but do it on a low heat or else the chocolate will burn and you want nice tasting chocolate not ash tasting chocolate! Then measure our the shredded wheat, I actually did more then 100g but only by a little, and crumbled it into finer shreds. Then after the chocolate had cooled (don’t let it cool too much or it will solidify) mix it all in together. Scoop into the cake cases (I unfortunately didn’t have any fancy ones) and then add your decorations and cool in the fridge for 2 hours so it can set! And there you are! How quick and easy and hopefully yummy is that?!

Tell me how yours go if you try them!

Emily Clare x

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