Are Suede Shoes The Next Trend?!




Tan Metal Trim Loafers from New Look

Hello lovelies!

So today I am doing a little wonder or debate kind of thing to you on whether suede shoes will be the next in trend and whether you need to get them right this instance! So today I went shopping (yes again… I really need to stop) and I brought these ta loafers which are made from suede. If you have no idea what suede is, then it is a soft fabric normally found on clothing rather than shoes. However I have started noticing that more and more shoes have got suede on them, even my stilettos do! So is it worth buying a pair of suede shoes or not? Well they are rather chic looking and it is a very soft fabric so it comforts your foot and molds to your foot as well. The fabric also suits both summer and winter so if you buy the right pair of shoes you can wear them all year around. However suede is not waterproof and if you live in the UK you will fully know how it would be impossible to wear these as we just get so much rain! Also after many wears it can get ripped and scuffed easily. If you were to buy a pair I would suggest getting a pair that is also sturdy, so that you feet are supported and they don’t break down easily. As well as this, buy a relatively non-expensive pair because if they do start to rip and break down, then it isn’t a waste of a lot of money. I haven’t worn these shoes yet but when I tried them on they seemed comfortable and I can’t wait to try them out!

Have you got any pairs of suede shoes?

Emily Clare x

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18 thoughts on “Are Suede Shoes The Next Trend?!

  1. luv the shoes. I saw some Michael Kors purple suede shoes during the winter and I didn’t buy them. Its one of my biggest regrets because now I can’t find them.

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