The Perfect Beginners Makeup Kit!



Max Factor 3 in 1 Face Finity Foundation

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

W7 In The Buff PaletteW7 In The Buff Palette

MUA Liquid Eyeliner (similar)

Max Factor False Lash Effect

Hello everyone,

I hope your well and having a fabulous Monday. So, many people who want to start out with makeup sometimes to begin with feel scared and have no clue with what to buy. I know this because I was the same. When I first started using makeup I had no clue on what to use or what came first, so in chronological of what products you should use first, I am going to suggest what products you should have in your first makeup bag, then hopefully it will be less daunting of an experience for you!

Firstly is concealer. Concealer is used to cover up any blemishes, red marks or uneven patches on your face. Some people chose to put concealer on after the foundation but I always put it on first because then that extra layer of protection is sealed and it is less visible that you have had to put more coverage on. If you put it on after and it is a slightly different colour than your foundation it will be more noticeable. It is also easy to blend this way. I have chosen the Collection Lasting Perfection because it is cheap, easy to use and has a variety of different colours so you will be bound to find one that matches.

Next is foundation. Foundation is your base layer that is used to even your skin tone and it comes in different forms. You can get powder foundations and liquid foundations and more. I use a liquid foundation and for starting out it is the best to use because it is easy to apply and easy to work with. I use the Max Factor 3 in 1 Foundation but you need to get a foundation that suits your skin tone and texture; for example if you have oily skin it is better to use a matte based foundation, but if you have dry skin it is best to use a glossy foundation. The best thing to do is to go into your local Boots or makeup store and talk to somebody on the makeup counter and they will advise you. They are super nice and that’s how I found my foundation which I have been using for years as I love it so much! Also it wouldn’t harm to have a browse on the internet, but don’t buy with buying!

After foundation comes powder. Powder is a product which mattes your skin and stops your skin looking shiny after you put your foundation on. If you have a matte foundation then it may not be necessary but I still use it. My favourite is the Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder as it is so useful and does it job perfectly.

If you wish to see more information on my foundation and powder products click here.

Next is eyeshadow. Eyeshadow may seem a terrifying experience as you can make so may different looks but trying to do it is going to take practice. It is best to start off with a basic nude palette which will allow you to experiment with different matte and shimmery shades. This palette, the W7 In The Buff Palette, is a really good, pigmented palette filled with different shades. It is cheap and very good quality. I would chose a cheap brush and just have a play around. Who doesn’t love trying out with new looks?

Eye liner is to line the lash lines on the top and bottom. The top is the easiest to apply and can be applied by using either liquid gel or pencil eyeliner. Pencil comes in the form of a crayon like product, gel comes in a pot with a brush, and liquid comes in the form of a pen or a pot. Everyone says pencil is easiest, however I disagree and I prefer liquid. I have also tried gel before but I find that difficult to apply as well. But I definitely recommend liquid as it is the easiest to apply and gives you the best outcome and look. If you are unsure then I think you should try this MUA liquid liner. It is only £1 so is a bargain and it does the job better than any liquid liner that is £18!

Finally, mascara is for the eyelashes. There are loadddds of different types of mascaras but the best mascara ones that don’t clump or don’t rub off onto the eyelid spoiling your new eyeshadow look! So this is the one I would recommend, the Max Factor False lash Effect. It has loads of product so will last a long time and has a straight shaped brush for easy application. To start it is better to get a mascara with a straight brush because it takes time to get used to it and this is the best for beginners.

There are other products out there like bronzer, contour and lipstick however it is better to start off small and then build up your collection and skills as you get better.

I hope you have found this useful, if you did then make sure to follow my blog!

If you are used to makeup, tell me what products you would add to the list.

Emily Clare x

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16 thoughts on “The Perfect Beginners Makeup Kit!

  1. This is literally just what I needed, have only just got interested in makeup recently and wasn’t quite sure where to start. Thank you so much! 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Btw you seem to be someone who knows a lot about makeup, can I ask what would you recommend starting with? at the moment I just wear concealer and mascara but I’d love to experiment a bit more. Thanks and hope you don’t mind me asking a question! x

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Of course not, it really depends on the look your going for and you skin tone and texture. Foundation is a good way to start, if you have a more oily skin tone I would go for the foundation above, if you and you have a drier skin tone then I know no7 is good for that, make sure to test it out in the shop so you get your exact colour. Also maybe a brow kit would be good. Collection do an amazing starter kit for filling eyebrows in just for £4 and it is simple because all you have to do is colour them in just to make them seem more dense, has that helped?

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      3. Thanks that’s helpful! At the moment I’m just using tinted moisturiser but maybe I will go onto foundation at some point. the brow kit sounds good, I do have one so maybe I should use that. I’m not very good at applying makeup though! But thanks a lot 🙂 x

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      4. Yeah I use a tinted moisturiser either as a primer or when I am holiday if I want something a bit lighter. You can always YouTube videos on how to apply stuff, and buying the right brushes is crucial. All seems a bit daunting but trust me you will get the knack of it!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Yep I will definitely be watching Youtube videos on it! And you’re right, practise makes perfect 🙂
        Thanks for all your help and I may be asking you more questions in the future! x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. this would have been wonderful back when I started wearing makeup. I spent many many years (about 16) just guessing as I go, I like to think I have it figured out now. lol

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