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Elysium Elements Palette

Matte Lipstick Wild Berry


Hello everyone,

I hope your all doing well! Today I am doing a review on the high street brand MUA and on a couple of their products. I have a large range of their products and I have more which aren’t shown in the photo but simply because it is so cheap. Majority of their products range from £1-£5 and they are very goo quality for what they give you for the price. Don’t get me wrong, its not as fab as some reallly expensive products you get but they are very good products if you are new to makeup or if you want to experiment with makeup without ruining some of your better products. In the UK MUA is sold in Superdrug but not in Boots but you can also get it off their online shop or on other websites. MUA does lots of products, varying in style and types, however all of the are very sleek in packaging but it’s nothing too fancy.

The products I have chosen to singly review, I have mixed opinions about and I chose that so that you could fully see the positives and negatives of the brand. Firstly is the Elysium eye shadow palette. This is one of MUA’s many eyeshadow palettes and is one of my favourites simply because I like the colour’s in it. With a mix of matte and glittery shadows you can easily create many varying looks and the different shades allow you do define the crease, outer corner and add a pop of colour. The colours are fairly pigmented but I would recommend a primer just to help, however I was very impressed as there wasn’t any fall off. Next is the Wild Berry Matte Lipstick. Now for only a pound it is very good quality. However when buying this product I was hoping for a very dark berry matte colour whilst the consistency being matte, and yes it was matte but it was more lighter and pinkier than expected. I do love this lipstick as because it is lighter it isn’t as harsh however it wasn’t what I was expecting. It is also harder to apply than other lipsticks so to get the full colour you need to apply a few layers. Finally is the Bronzer which is also only £1. I have had this for ages and it is very long lasting, and as you can see from the product it is very scratched but thats because I take it in my handbag just in case I need a touch up during they day. I is a lovely light bronzer, however it isn’t too pigmented and its glittery whereas I prefer something more matte.

Overall I really like MUA products because the price is bloody amazing! If I had to recommend one product it would be any of the eye shadow palettes as I have loads of different ones and I love them all.

I hope you enjoyed this and if you did then make sure to follow! Have you ever tried any MUA products? Tell me what is your favorite!

Emily Clare x

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