10 Life Changing Makeup Hacks!



Hello lovelies,

So if you ask me, I love a good makeup hack which will help me make short cuts and my makeup routine easier, so that’s why I thought I would share 10 of my fav makeup hacks which I use on a daily basis.

1. Have you ran out of your favourite blusher and you haven’t got time to pop to the shops?! Use a coral or baby pink lipstick and glide it over the apple of your cheeks, it blends well and does the job! Just don’t go OTT with it.

2. Sometimes concealer doesn’t cover up dark circles well enough (especially on me I find) but try buying the lighter shade to you skin tone, this will also brighten you skin as well. Also apply it in a triangle going down into your cheek as this then means you are hitting the right areas!

3. Do you struggle with contouring? I definitely do but by using a pencil or a pen, you can line up where the edge of you cheekbone is so you can get you contour on fleek!

4. If you want your eye shadow to pop, apply a white eye liner base so that the colour will be more radiant once you have applied it.

5. When removing your makeup, its always good just to brush over your face with a soft makeup wipe because this gets rid of the majority of you makeup, if you just use a lotion you end up wiping the makeup into your face, blocking up your pores.

6. If you want a quick and easy smokey eye effect which will literally take only ONE minute, grab a brown eye liner, draw hashtags on the corner of your eye and blend! Simple as that!

7. Take your normal setting powder or translucence powder and dust it onto your eyelashes before applying a second coat of mascara to plump the up. This is similar to putting baby powder on your eyelashes but this is more soft, will give a more natural effect and isn’t as irritant.

8. If you struggle to get that perfect cat eye look, then put a spoon up against your eye to get a straight line. Some people don’t like it but I found it is really effective to make sure each side in even and not wonky.

9. If you can’t afford makeup brushes that are pretty costly, you can use paint brushes. They are made out of the same hairs and they come in different sizes and they are much cheaper than some makeup brushes you can find.

10. If you want to get the best curl in your eyelashes, heat the eyelash curler using a hair drier on the lowest setting (put it on your wrist to make sure it doesn’t get too hot) and then curl your eyelashes. It’s like when your curl your hair, it will work better when heat is used.

I hope you have found these useful and if you liked this let me know whether you want me to do a similar blog as I have many more hacks! If you use any hacks or tips let me know in the comments.

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Emily Clare x

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8 thoughts on “10 Life Changing Makeup Hacks!

  1. I have the perfect makeup for you! It’s the Tyra Banks Beauty and I love it! The 5 min Tyover is to live by you’re able to put your entire face within 5 min using your fingers, and yes you can.
    I would check it out if I were you. I’ll provide the link, you wont be disappointed.

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