Shoe Trend Of The Season!



Black Suedette Ankle Strap Heels

Hello lovelies,

So I was planing to do a tag blog post today but I didn’t have time to do what it asked so I will do that tomorrow when I have more time. For now I am starting a new segment on my blog where every now and then I will tell you about what shoe is the ‘trend’ right now and why you should buy it, but then my own personal view on it. This also allows me to buy new shoes more often which doesn’t harm anyone does it! The shoes I chose are some black 3.5 inches suede stilettos from New Look. The majority of my heels come from New Look as they are really good quality shoes for a good price, and they have a loaddddd of varieties! I had seen these before and i finally brought them back in January. It was a long time ago but they are still really popular. They look super cute, and aren’t too high either so are a nice height for those less confident in wearing heels. These are my holy grail shoes as I just LOVE them! I do find walking long distances hard as they are a little loose on my feet, so I have to do them up on the smallest buckle so my feet don’t slide forward, and they are also blister prone on my baby toes; but like they say no pain  no gain! However with a bit of wearing in they are fine for me now. Because they are black they can go with a lot of outfits either for work, a night out, or a dinner party and they are suede which is lush. If you want to find out more about suede shoes read my blog here. As you can see they have quite a thin base, meaning after a time period of wearing them your feet may get sore, like any other shoes would; but you can buy inexpensive ‘bubble’ insoles for extra comfort.

I would sooooooo recommend these heels as they are gorgeous!

Tell me what shoes you have been loving lately and whether you like the look of these!

Emily Clare x

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