Top 3 Makeup Dupes!



Estee Lauder Eye Shadow Palette (Discontinued)

MUA Eye Shadow Palette (Discontinued)

Bobbi Brown Art Stick

NYX Round Lipstick

MAC Eye Liner

Rimmel Eyeliner

Hello lovelies,

I hop your having a lovely weekend, I don’t want it to be over though because I have to go back to school on Monday! Noooo! Anyway today I thought I would blog about some makeup dupes. If you have no clue what I am talking about then makeup dupes are duplicates of products by another brand which are identical but just cheaper. This will save you money but then again you still get the same result. So firstly, I have the Estee Lauder Deluxe Compact Eye Shadow palette and it’s dupe of the MUA Twelfth Night Eye shadow palette. Your probably wondering why I chose these as the MUA looks nothing like the Estee Lauder palette. However the colours are very similar. There maybe less colours in the MUA palette however the colours that are in it are similar to the ones in the Estee Lauder palette. The colours in the Estee Lauder palette aren’t as pigmented as I would have like for such an expensive products, but then in the MUA palette they are really pigmented but don’t blend as well as the Estee Lauder palette. Secondly I have the Bobbi Brown Art Stick in Chloe and the NYX Round Lipstick in Chloe. How scary they have the same name! They also have practically the same colour! The pink base colour on both is a darker but bright pink. They only thing telling them apart is that the NYX lipstick has more of a shimmer and gloss to it and the Bobbi Brown Art Stick is slightly easy to apply as it has a smaller end. However they are nearly identical. Lastly I have chosen two eye liners, one from MAC and one from Rimmel. Both of these are black and are twist up eye liners. The MAC one has more of a grey colour than the Rimmel one but the Rimmel eye liner is thicker so harder to apply. However the Rimmel eye liner has a blending brush on the end so you get more bang for your buck!

Overall the high end makeup products cost £74 and the drug store products cost an amazing £11.99. If you are looking for something cheaper then now you know what to get!

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Emily Clare x

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*An estimate of £40 was made as the product was discontinued and can now only be found on Amazon or Ebay.


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