Gorgeous Beach Waves Hair Tutorial!



Nicki Clarke Hair Curler

Hello everyone!

I hope your having a good Tuesday! Recently I have been loving the beach waves look and it is perfect this time of year and especially summer! So to create this look you want to wash your hair and blow dry it. I use the herbal essences shampoo and it leaves my hair squeaky clean. Sometimes with curling your hair it is better to leave your hair for a day but this curling tool is so good you don’t have to. To get the beach waves you want to curl it before you go to bed so you can sleep on it to let it drop into the beach waves. I preheat the wand to 4 and then I part my hair into four sections, top half into half and the bottom half in to half. As this is a small barrels tong it is best to use small pieces and the small pieces are best to achieve the beach waves. Small pieces also hold better. I then piece by piece wrap the hair around the tong, starting at the bottom of the hair and working up. Don’t hold it on too long or your hair will burn, but too little will mean it will drop quickly. I tend just to wrap it around the tong rather than use the clip because using the clip creates an ugly dent in your hair. Once I have done the whole head, I get into bed and wait for the morning! In the morning DON’T BRUSH YOUR HAIR! It will turn into a frizz ball and all your effects will be ruined. Shake your head up and down and there you go! The perfect beach waves using heat. I love the Nicki Clarke hair curler as it heats to a good temperature and is super easy to use!

What hairstyles have you been loving?

Emily Clare x


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