The Best Beauty Tips For Travelling!



Hello everyone,

So we all go travelling at one point or another but it is best to know some amazing beauty tips for the road, and they will help you make your holiday so much better and much more relaxing!

1. If you forget your lip balm, ask the flight attendant for some butter! It is as nourishing as lip balm and will stop your lips cracking from the change in air pressure.

2. Bring some makeup wipes to freshen up your face! Or if you are on a long haul flight and you feel a bit grubby, these will be a good alternative to a shower. Well the best you can get!

3. Only wear nude nail varnish. If you wear a bright coloured nail varnish chips will be really visible, but with nudes it is hardly noticeable!

4. Definitely take a hand sanitizer with you! You can pick up nasty unwanted germs from anywhere so with this then you will so picking up any stinking cold!

5. Bring a small can of dry shampoo. Sometimes your hair can look rather limp after travelling so once your at your destination, flip your hair upside down, spray it all over and hey presto!

6. Use your hair straighteners as an iron. After unpacking your clothes they may be a bit creased, so if you don’t have an iron with you or in your hotel etc. hair straighteners do the exact same job!

7. Notice your roots peaking through? If you have dark hair just grab a mascara and have a little touch up!

8. Bring bottles of water with you. The air in the plane is very drying and the small cups of water that the air hostess’ bring around isn’t enough, and it will make your skin bad, so in duty free pick up bottles of water for the flight!

9. Forgo the foundation. Foundation isn’t necessary for a flight and it is better to travel without makeup on because then your skin doesn’t get as dry, so before landing just apply a bit of tinted moisturizer.

10. Get small bottle of everything. If it is a liquid makeup item, you are restricted to how much you can take, so to lessen the risk of it being taken away buy smaller quantities.

Do you have any beauty travelling tips? If so share them in the comments.

Emily Clare x


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