Model’s Own Nail Polish Review!



Models Own Nail Polish 

Hello everyone,

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I have a wide variety of Models Own nail polishes that I have collected from buying them and from getting them at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham (a fashion show which is held each December). Models Own was originally a nail polish brand and has recently expanded to all other makeup products, some at which I do have but I thought I would keep it at nail varnishes for now. I love the variety of nail polishes they sell including mattes, metallics, nudes, glitters, bases, top coats, the lot! The packaging is just amazing too! My dark teal glitter nail polish in Absinthe has a fur lid and all the polishes are much larger than normal nail polishes. However depending on what nail polish you chose should vary in the amount of coats you need. Most of the colours will need two coats of polish, apart from the Hyper Gels which only need one for full pigment and they take longer to dry to get the ‘gel’ effect. The decorative top coats are also quite thick and the jewels stay on the brush more than your nail but I used it on a plain nail, so it might be different applying it to an already painted nail. You can buy the nail polishes from high street stores in Superdrug and some Boots. They are worth a try and I highly recommend the Icing nail polishes.

The colours I have: 

Colour Chrome Blue

Hyper Gel Jet Black

Mint Icing

Hyper Gel Pink Vener

Absinthe Velvet Goth

Speckled Eggs Duck Pink

Purple Imperial – Kaleidoscope

Nude Beige

Have you ever tried any of the Models Own Nail Polishes? If so, what ones?

Emily Clare

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