Why Wear Accessories and Recommendations?!


Hello everyone!

So today I decided to talk or ramble a bit about accessories. So up until lately I haven’t been a fan of accessories like necklaces or rings, I have always bought them, and I have a wide variety but I would just never wear them. I always wear a watch to school or work. It is like my essential jewellery item for the work zone. But I have only just started to appreciate my rings, bracelets and necklaces because I have so many that it is a waste not to wear them. 

So why should you spice up your life with a bit of bling?

1. It gives your outfit flavor – It adds that jewel ad sparkle that can just finish off an outfit, even if it is a simple chain necklace.

2. It makes you seem more mature. – Believe it or not, adding a snazzy piece of jewellery an make you seem more sophisticated and chic.

3. Why not?! – There isn’t a fault about accessories that could stop you from wearing them, you can get cheap or expensive items so ultimately the choice is yours!

What are the best jewellery brands?

I like Pandora because all of their products are just so unique, with variety of style so you can make your product, whether that be a ring, bracelet or necklace personal to you. With Pandora you can make it your own and you won’t have the same bracelet as anybody else!

However for those of you are wanting a more inexpensive brand i would totally recommend Primark jewellery! People may turn up their nose at that fact and if you prefer more expensive brands like me then so be it but Primark sells very cheap jewellery and its not bad. it doesn’t look cheap and the majority of it comes in multi packs so you get more bang for your buck!

Tell me what jewellery products you like to wear and you fav brand!

Emily Clare x

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9 thoughts on “Why Wear Accessories and Recommendations?!

  1. The photos are so pretty-all the jewellery is so pretty! I love primark too, I also love Sainsburys for their jewellery, its so affordable and I have some pieces from there which I LOVE! Loved this post, I really want to wear more jewellery now! xx

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