The Best Makeup Brushes For Beginners!



Hello lovelies!

Today I am going to a follow up post of my beginners makeup kit post about brushes! These featured brushes/brand (which yes are dirty but I didn’t have time to clean them!) are what I think are the best brushes if you are starting out with makeup. So when your are starting to discover makeup, of course you need brushes to go with it, but you shouldn’t splash out on expensive brands because you don’t want to ruin any of your expensive brushes, so these are the best brands.

1. Real Techniques – I adore the brushes and I have a fair few of them. They are created by YouTubers Nicki and Sam Chapnam. They can be quite expensive, especially their bold metals editions, but they are very easy to wash, and are easily labelled so that you know exactly what to do with that brush and how to use it.

2. EcoTools – EcoTools are natural made brushes that are made from recycled materials. if you are vegan, and wanting brushes that are 100% cruelty free then you should try these out. I have the sponge foundation applicator and originally I hated sponge applicators but I know love them. Even this is very soft.

3. Spectrum Brushes – They come in funky colours, are more inexpensive than some brands but literally are the softest brushes ever! If you want something more professional but cute and colourful then this brand is perfect.

4. AVON Brushes – Avon has a wide variety of multi use brushes and their brushes for eye makeup are especially good as they allow you to create complex makeup looks even if you are very inexperienced with makeup. They aren’t the bust quality, and when i last washed mine, it affected the hairs on the brush but for starting out it doesn’t matter too much.

I hoped this helped, but if you haven’t seen the first part of the beginners makeup kit then check it out here.

What brand of brushes do you like?

Emily Clare x

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