No7 Stay Perfect Foundation Review!


As I was away at the weekend I was unable to blog but here is a foundation review! I have recently purchased the No7 Stay Perfect Foundation as it was reviewed as a very light foundation which doesn’t rubbed off when touched, so I got it to test it out. However I am very impressed. My first impression was that it didn’t have a pump or applicator and you just have to pour it onto your hand, which is tricky because it is very watery. But to apply it is very easy. As it is very runny, it is easy to blend, smooths across the skin flawlessly and doesn’t leave brush marks. However as thought it is very light on the skin, therefore not giving the best coverage overall. Being a spot prone teen I prefer something that will cover up all the blemishes, however this would be good for going on holiday when you don’t want something too heavy. It does’t come off though when you rub your skin which is a result of it being so thing, however the fact that it doesn’t is amazing! No more makeup smudges on white shirts! THE PAIN! 

If your looking for something a bit lighter that’s at a good drug store price then check it out here.

Have you tried this product or brand?

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