Top Drug Store Mascaras!



There are absolutely loads of different mascaras over there but every one has there personal favourites as there are just so many that you can have specific preferences. But here are my favs and I definitely recommend trying these as they are all cheap and very good quality.

1. Max Factor False Lash Effect (£10.99) – I have this in brown/black and it is such a good mascara for giving a natural look if you don’t want too much. However it is very plumping and voluminous and will only need one coat to finish off your desired makeup look. I recommend using it for a natural every day look.

2. Rimmel Scandal Eyes (£6.99) – As many Rimmel mascaras have, it has a funky and weird shaped wand, however this one allows you to easily apply the mascara to the inside of your eyelashes when normally you wouldn’t be able to reach them. I can rub off on the skin however a mascara primer will sort that out!

3. AVON Mega Effects Mascara (£10.00) – This mascara has the most unique wand ever and it allows you to bend the brush into different positions to allow you to coat each and every eye lash you have! It is also very small and will easily fit into any handbag if you need to top up during the day, or in a travel bag.

4. Barry M Voluminous Mascara (Discontinued) – This mascara is amazing if you want you mascara flake free which is always a bonus! It can have mixed reviews, but from my personal experience I really like it and is my go to mascara as it doesn’t smudge under the eye and is the right consistency, not too watery or not to thick.

5. Rimmel Extra 3D Lash (£4.99) – This does smudge under the eye slightly however it gives the best black colour than any other mascara (if that makes sense). It has a clumpy consistency however this allows it to give a chunky effect on the lashes.

What is your favourite mascara?

Emily Clare

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6 thoughts on “Top Drug Store Mascaras!

  1. I love this post as much as I love drug store mascara’s and trust me I L O V E them. Pretty much all my mascaras are drug store. The only 2 ‘high end’ ones I have are a bare minerals one which I got in a set and the Benefit They’re Real. I don’t see how some people can spend loads on mascara when drug store ones are so insane!! x

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