Zoella Beauty Review!



Zoella is a famous YouTuber with over 14 million subscribers who has over the past year or so has brought out a range of beauty products, and if you watch her videos like me then you will know that she is always thinking of different products which she will bring out soon.

But for now I am doing a review of her brand ‘Zoella Beauty’ specifically the ‘Fizz Bar’ and ‘Soak Opera’. I also have the polka dot and eye makeup bag but I thought I would keep it to bath products.

The packaging of the product is is gorgeous, with gold and bright pink colours, making it super girly and lovely, its a rubbish description but you get me! Also one other thing about the packaging which I love is that the instructions and writing on the back are super chatty and you can visualize Zoella saying it, which sounds stupid but its true and it just makes the product a little more special than just a shower gel.

The fizz bar (which you can see I have used already) is a literal bar of joined bath bomb squares which you can break off and pop into your bath, just on its own, or with another product. If its on its own I recommend using two squares to get the best smell. It doesn’t change the bath colour but it does smell amazing and is fairly strong. I am a LUSH addict so am normally scared to try other bath products which don’t involve L-U-S-H but this is definitely one of my favs of something non lush. It fizzes away quite quickly but is a nice little add on to make you bath better.

The shower gel ‘Soak Opera’ is lovely. I love the name as it is just so witty, and suits everyone who loves a little sing in the shower! You can also pour it into your bath to make your bath bubble slightly and smell gorgeous. It’s a good consistency, slightly on the runnier side but the colour is also beautiful. It has a slightly fresh scent, nothing unusual from a shower gel, and to change it, it would be better if it was slightly stronger. However it lathers lovely and it is a hugeeee bottle so it will last a longgggg time.

Have you ever tried any products from the Zoella Beauty range?

Emily Clare

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