Pencil Eyeliners?!


Now if you ask me, what do I prefer liquid or pencil eyeliner? I would say liquid. But that’s only because I have been using it for a while. If you asked me a few years ago, I would have said pencil. Why?

Well pencil eyeliners are the easiest types of eye liner to apply, especially if you have just started out using makeup, however to pull it off really well it depends on the type of pencil you are using. If you are using a hard, actual pencil looking one, they can be harder to apply because it can hurt the eye to apply, and its bulky so only allows you to unevenly apply it. The best pencil eyeliners are the retractable pencil eyeliners, for example the MAC Technakohl Liner, which to me is the best as it is very creamy and smooth so doesn’t hurt to apply. When looking for a pencil eyeliner, you want one with a smooth, creamy consistency which has a fine point so you can apply it easily. The trouble with pencil eyeliners is that the cheapest ones are the worst. However I have managed to find some of the best, and don’t worry I tried them out before to check!

MAC Techankohl Liner – £14.00

Rimmel Exaggerate Smoke n’ Shine – £3.99 

Models Own Kohl Eye liner – £3.99

Have you ever tried pencil eyeliner? If so what do you think?

Emily Clare

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7 thoughts on “Pencil Eyeliners?!

      1. Haha oh dear! I love Mac’s Fluidline one and The Body Shop do a pretty decent one too. Which one did you try? I don’t get along with pencils, I just can’t get a good line with them.


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