So Susan Eye Shadow Palette Review!



You might not have heard of the brand ‘So Susan’ or you might have, but I have had their eye shadow palette for a while now and I thought I would tell you what it is like. I picked it up from the Clothes Show Live a year or so ago in a goodie bag. This palette has four colours, a light blue, a lilac, a dark purple, and a seaweed green. All the colours are glittery rather than matte and our quite old colours and have to be adventurous to use them. The packaging is slick and the colour also portrays the colour theme of the shadows inside. To touch the eyeshadows are soft, if that s a thing?! Can eye shadows be soft?! But are fairly pigmented, which especially for the lighter blue, shocked me. However the seaweed green (its not the name but it is the best description fr the colour) has a more grey tone to it, rather than green, but this could be seen as a good thing if your not keen on the bolder colours. My personal fav is the lilac as it can be used a lovely base colour then you can add the darker purple in the crease. I would definitely say that to make a good eye look, you would have to incorporate other palettes in, just so you can blend and layer them better. It is expensive however I think this is a good product and the eye shadows feel like high end quality.

You can find the palette here.

Would you be daring to try this palette?

Emily Clare

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6 thoughts on “So Susan Eye Shadow Palette Review!

  1. I love eye shadows but I never know when its a good time to wear them. I always feel like I have an overdone face if I wear eye shadow to work. My work face makeup is mostly tinted moisturizer, mascara, blush and lip gloss.

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