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So it is fastly coming around to that dreaded time of year which is full of exams. Whether you are doing GCSE’s, AS Levels, or A Levels, you will probably be rather stressed out at how much revision you are trying to cram into your schedule, like I am. I am due to take all my GCSE exams this summer, with the first one starting on Tuesday. Least to say, I am dreading it! But after already carrying out month of revision I have collected some handy tips which may also help you!

1. Experiment – Everyone revises in different ways. Some find reading the best way but then some find writing everything out the best way. Personally I have to write everything out over and over for just an ounce of it to sink in; However if you don’t know what is best for you, try a little bit of everything like mind maps, flash cards, reading, apps etc.

2. Take mini breaks – If you do hours of non stop revision it is proven not to be very effective as your brain is just so packed, that not everything will sink in. I suggest doing 20/30 minutes of revision and then having a 10/15 minutes break just to de-stress and have a little pause.

3. Only do 30 minutes of each subject – After 30 minutes you are more likely to not take in any more information as your brain starts to wonder, get bored and distracted. By only doing 30 minute bursts your brain will be more focused.

4. Have a bottle of water and a bowl of snacks like blackcurrants – Its always best to have this as you don’t have an excuse to get out of revision, and plus you are less distracted if you thirsty and small snacks, especially blackcurrants as they have special atoms making them make the brain focus better (well apparently so!).

5. Set a stopping time – There is no point revising for hours on end, because as previously said, it won’t be helpful and revising into the night is not good. You NEED to stop at a reasonable time because everyone needs that wind down time before bed and if you do revision just before bed it will be harder to get to sleep.

6. Don’t revise the night before or the day of your exam. Your probably thinking ‘WHAT?!’ but trust me, you will just make your self stressed and panicked, plus you should be prepared enough already. Yes, go through a few flash cards if you want but nothing major.

7. Don’t revise in you bedroom. Its not good for you to have your working space in the same environment as your sleeping compartments as it would just make you more stressed. You need that freedom.

I hope these tips have been helpful, let me know if they were.

If you have any tips then let me know in the comments below!

Also due to upcoming exams, my schedule of posting everyday might be broken a few times but forgive me as after they are all done I will make up for it! Sorry!

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