The Happiness Journal!



So yesterday was mine and my boyf’s one year anniversary and he got me the amazing Happiness Journal which I have been wanting for ages (don’t worry I got him a present too!). A long while ago I watched a YouTube video featuring one of these and I fell in love. However I missed out on the chance of getting the one that started in January so I thought I had missed out. Buutttt… This one is July to June 2017! I love this journal but if you don’t know what it is then basically it is a diary/planner/journal which has specific sections just to brighten your day, log what has happened and it is also filled with tips and quotes to make your life better. It aims on making sure you focus on what is important, that you feel good in your own body, and have self confidence. When I got it I was so surprised at the size. It is huge and very thick but it is partly because the paper quality is amazing. I know that sounds weird but you don’t want flimsy bits of paper which can easily tear or rip. It comes into a lovely box which makes it seem so professional. The whole style of the planner is beautiful, very chick and girly but also comes in teal rather than pink. I can’t wait to start using this and I think that everyone should get something like this! If you want to check one out for yourself then you can find the website here.

Have you got this?

Emily Clare

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