Foundation or BB Cream?


Most people use foundation but before I ever got fully into the world of foundation I would use BB Cream, specifically the Garnier BB Cream in Light/Medium, and this got my wondering what is better to use. Foundation or BB Cream. When I used BB Cream I used it as an alternative to foundation until I went and bought my first ever foundation. And to be honest it wasn’t that bad. BB Cream is a tinted moisturizer which is often used as a base or primer for foundation. What are the differences between the two. BB Cream tends to be more oil based, lighter on the skin but a thicker consistency than foundation. It doesn’t give full coverage but looks very natural on the skin. It is also packed the minerals to help improve your skin rather than making it worse. Foundation can come in many different consistencies, thick or runny, shiny or matte. It tends to give a full coverage and there is endless opportunities to get different choices. When I used BB Cream I found that it was easy to blend but took longer to dry than a normal foundation, and stayed rather sticky on the skin so I would use a setting powder to stop that. However now that I use a foundation I haven’t used BB Cream since, apart from being on holiday. I find that being on holiday is the perfect time for using a BB Cream as sometimes I feel that you wouldn’t want something as cakey as a foundation. Overall foundations can give a better result, however BB Cream is better for your skin and can be cheaper.

Products in photo:

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

Garnier BB Cream

Max Factor 3 in 1 Face Finity Foundation

What do you prefer?

Emily Clare

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