Hello everyone!

What am I doing blogging? So much for a hiatus! I didn’t want to leave you without a blog for too long as you have done so much for me by following my blog and there are over 400 of you following along which is amazing! I just thought I would do a little update blog about what I have been up to and let you know what is going down at the moment.

So as I have said I have been doing my GCSE exams. If you live in England you would know what these are but if you don’t then they are exams which you take when you are 16 and they are a pretty big deal. I have 18 exams all together and I have done 11 so far, so I am nearly there! They have been ‘ok’ I suppose, some like English Lang and Lit have been good going but Maths and Biology were literally horrible and I want to cry just thinking about them! Because only I could walk into my Maths exam without a compass!! However when your doing GCSEs and in Year 11 you get to go on study leave at the beginning of may half term… SO NO MORE SCHOOL FOR ME!! Guess what that means… MORE BLOGS AGAIN! When we left everybody had their shirts signed there were lots of photos taken and it was a very emotional day but we will see each other at prom in June.

Also lately I have been taking the time to go out on some walks. Yes that sounds super boring but it is s nice now that the weather is nicer, and its a good way to clear my head from all the constant revision that I have been doing lately. I have got a little 40 minute route that I do a couple times a week and where I live there are lots of fields near by so you get a nice view of the sunset if you go out in the evening.


Lastly I have been to a few parties lately, which I do have photos on but I don’t want to share them as they have my friends who may or may not want to be featured but they are on my private Instagram @emilycskinner if you reallyyyy want to check them out. I also went on a lush boat ride in one of my fav little towns called Salcombe. Salcombe has a high reputation for being the ‘Chelsea’ of South Devon. in other words its quite posh and often you get the odd celebrity there. When I went this time I met Cheska from Made In Chelsea. I just thought it was a lovely day.


That’s all I have to say about my little update as other than that I have just been hidden away in my room doing work and revising. I’m sorry the photo quality is poor but these have been taken on my phone.

I hope your all well!

Emily Clare

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5 thoughts on “CHATTY UPDATE!

  1. This all sounds so great! ๐Ÿ™‚ I know what you mean about maths and biology – did you do that awful paper, the “what is an independent company” one? But I’m sure you’re doing fabulously; only 7 more to go for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

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