What Is It Like Getting Your Makeup Done By A Beautician? | Prom #1



Guess who’s back?!

As prom season is approaching us, I thought I would do a small series and then finish it by showing you my prom. Prom is an occasion where everybody gets dressed up all fancy to celebrate the end of school, and even though its an American tradition, it is still taken pretty seriously in the UK. One of the factors for girls (or boys) is the makeup. I thought I would kick the series off by makeup as I recently had my trial done. I was going to do my own makeup but having your makeup done by somebody else just makes it feel that little bit more special. So I had mine done by a beautician who lives near by and I paid £25, including the trial. You go for a trial to make sure the person knows what to do on the day of prom or occasion.

As you can see from my (awful) photos I went for a nude theme. My dress is navy, so I didn’t want anything colourful. Looking from the first photo I liked the look. I wanted the eyeshadow more matte but now thinking about it now I think having something more sparkly makes the look more glamorous. The foundation colour is correct but I need it a little more matte to suit my likings. The only down thing is that I had to blend the eyebrows myself (only because I am super picking over my brows) and the eyeliner wasn’t perfect but that will be better on the day. I think on my lashes she used benefit roller lashes and that looked amazing. The eyeshadow needed to be blended more but other than that I got what I asked for and at a good price.

If you get your makeup done by someone else I have a few tips. Firstly make your opinion clear. If you don’t like something say, or if you want something changed say, you are paying them to do your makeup so if you don’t like it they will change it for you. Secondly, take a photo on your phone (e.g off the internet) of what you want, the beautician will be able to get a better understanding of what you want. Thirdly, book a beautician with good reviews and good experience. If you want the best result you have to do your research to make sure that the beautician is fully qualified and worth spending your money on.

But most importantly enjoy it! I didn’t like my eyelashes being done, but that was only because I blinked and it went in my eye! It’s not every day prom happens so make it worth while and treat yourself!

Emily Clare

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