How To Find The Best Prom Shoes! | Prom #2



As part of your final outfit, shoes are incredibly important as they help tie in the whole look your creating, whether the colour matches the dress, or whether it corresponds with the jewels on your dress. The photos above show my shoes, navy lace up heels which tie around the ankle. I did try on some silver glittered heels, however my dress only has minimal jewels on them so it would have been too overpowering. These match the colour of the dress (not exactly but they are close enough) and I LOVE THEM. However I am going to give some tips which may be helpful to help you find the best prom shoes for you.

1. Pick your dress first – This maybe obvious, but so many people pick their dresses based on their shoes. This is a huge mistake because your dress is the statement and there will be a high variety of dresses than shoes. Don’t restrict yourself.

2. Go plain – This is down to personal preference but going for shoes which are plain will make all the attention on the dress but they will still look lush! Having plain ones will also allow you to wear them again.

3. Pick shoes you could wear again – Heels can be expensive, but buying glam shoes which you could wear again makes life easier because then you have an extra pair of shoes for the future!

4. Pick shoes which are comfortable for you – If you want to wear a certain style of shoe, then go for it and don’t let anyone stop your. Some people prefer heels, some people prefer sandals, but some people prefer trainers. Chose what you feel is best.

I hoped this helped!

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8 thoughts on “How To Find The Best Prom Shoes! | Prom #2

  1. Great tips! It’s so important to pick something comfortable, my senior formal ended up going for about 10 hours – between taking photos before hand, the actual formal, and then the after party! 🙂

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  2. This is so helpful! I’m going shopping for my prom bag and shoes on Wednesday so I will definitely be using these tips! Can I ask where you got your prom shoes from? They are very similar to sort I was thinking of getting! xxx

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