Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review!



“Just go with the flow and get groovy baby. This time machine of bobbing purple orbs – made with 100% traceable cocoa butter – will create the hypnotic spectacle of a lava lamp in your own bath, taking you back to the swinging sixties. A triple whammy of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and orange flower give this vibrant bomb a fragrance like fruit pastilles.”

As you might know if you follow my instagram I do love a bit of Lush, when I say a bit… I mean I would say I am pretty obsessed, however whats so wrong with having a nice smelling and colourful bath? I popped into my local lush store and I noticed this new bath bomb (it may not be new but I have never seen it before) was on display and it was called ‘Lava Lamp’. I haven’t bought from Lush since February as I bought nearly the whole store then and haven’t needed to buy anything else since, however I did notice the price was £4.25 which is more expensive than I remembered. As you can see from the pictures it is called ‘Lava Lamp’ because it contains three small oil based soaps, which when they go into the water they spread and lay on top of the waters surface. I do apologise for the pictures being square, it was only after the bath bomb had fizzed away that I noticed they were square and then it was too late. This bath bomb turns the bath water a bright orange, followed by the deep purple soap blotches. It smells VERY zesty, and exactly like someone has just squeezed an orange into your bath. The smell is quite over powering so if you don’t like this sort of scent then I recommend trying something else. The purple soap, does leave a mark on your skin but washes off, but it is a bit harder to get it off the side of your bath. However it leaves your skin feeling silky soft and very moisturized.

Find the Lava Lamp bath bomb here.

Have you ever tried this bath bomb? If not what is your favourite Lush bath bomb?

Emily Clare

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15 thoughts on “Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review!

    1. I just went into the shop and the lovely worker told me that they are oil based soaps so that when they are in the water the oil won’t mix so will create the oil slick pattern on the surface of the water. I only wrote about what I was told.


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