Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

 I know this isn’t my usual style of blog, and I do have beauty and makeup posts coming (*cough* tomorrow *cough*) but I thought it would be nice to shake it up a little bit and do a bit of a reflective ranty advice style post. You often see this hashtag trend on Twitter (#thingsiwouldtellmyyoungerself) or on YouTube videos, but for a change and because I was in a mood for a chat I thought I would turn it into a blog post. Think of it as an inside to my life, to get to know me and for you to hopefully pull away some advice from it. It actual facts, it also includes things I would tell myself, looking back on past experiences, feeling or actions. If you have things you would tell your younger self or anything that you can relate to here then write them in the comments!

1. Young love won’t last. Hate to break it to you but it’s very rare. Whoever you are with, you may feel that you will be able to grow old with them, but feelings change constantly. One month you may be head over heels, the next it could be doom and gloom. But don’t let this fright you because enjoy it while it lasts. You first love will always be the most memorable so make the memories, just don’t take it too seriously (ie marriage thoughts).

2. Don’t sit around all day inside doing nothing. That day, what ever it maybe, say the 30th of June 2016 (when I’m writing this) will be the only one ever! Don’t waste days after days, go out and experience something new! Yes of course have lazy days, that’s part of life, but don’t do nothing all the time… You get what I mean!

3. Don’t miss out on amazing opportunities. If you have been invited somewhere or if you have planned something, don’t bail but enjoy yourself!

4. Remind those closest to you how much you love them. Those people who mean the world to you wont be replaceable, don’t take them for granted, appreciate what they do for you and give back to them what they have given to you.

I feel like this is a really deep blog post but these points are so important for anybody. I have made them on personal experiences and if you disagree with them then everyone has their own opinions, but remember to respect opinions that are not yours. Thank you so much to everyone for the support on my blog. It means the world!

Emily Clare

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8 thoughts on “Things I Would Tell My Younger Self

  1. Good advice 🙂 I think that it is especially important to remind your loved ones how much they mean to you – you never know when you won’t get the chance again. xx

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