Stunning £6 Blush Palette!



After seeing a similar Revolution palette on so many other blogs I was dying to get my hands on it as I don’t have any ‘nice’ blushes. But I don’t wear too much blush but that is probably because I don’t have any good ones. However today whilst looking I found this  new gorgeous blush palette by Revolution and just look how pretty it is! I couldn’t not buy it and then blog about it! And it makes it even better that it is only £6! From the first photo it looks so much more expensive than that! The swatches on my arm don’t do the colours any justice as I just used my finger to swatch them on, however they are super pigmented. Even though some colours look similar, they come out in different shades of pinks and corals, some with lots of glitter and some more matte. I have also discovered that you could most likely use the shimmery top right hand corner one as a highlighter as it is just so glittery and has a more rose gold undertone. I feel like the bright fuchsia colour would be better suited to someone with either darker skin, or it could be used as a popping eyeshadow. This palette is totally worth the £6 and if you can get yours hands on it, you definitely should!

You can find the Revolution Blush Queen Palette here.

Emily Clare

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23 thoughts on “Stunning £6 Blush Palette!

  1. They look gorgeous! I have the matte blush palette and the highlight palette which is AMAZING! I really recommend it if you haven’t tried it! xx


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