I Got My Hair Chopped Off!



Don’t worry… I haven’t had alllll of my hair cut off. However I have had a fair bit, 8 inches to be exact. If you follow my instagram you may have already seen this earlier but today I got a long awaited hair cut. Its really bad but I haven’t had my hair cut since last August. LAST AUGUST. I even got it dyed in December but I never got it cut, which I should have done. But the lovely women who cut my hair off, about 6 inches worth but then I thought why not go a bit shorter. It was so dead on the ends, with every strand a dead end so now it feels soooo nice and soft. It was my mission to get all of my hair the same length because last time I got it cut, I put layers in and 1) I hated it and 2) It make life so much more complicated. Normally when I get my hair cut short I regret it, but I am so happy with it.

Lastly I have set up a new pinterest page which you can find here. Not only will it have all of my blog posts on there but you can also connect with me and find out more about the sort of things I like e.g makeup and style. Don’t forget to follow my social media accounts because you never know what you might miss out on!!

Emily Clare

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