Does Dry Shampoo Work?


Dry shampoo is a must in every girls hand bag for either just a spruce up if you didn’t have time to wash your hair or to add a bit of volume. But you often get very mixed reviews of dry shampoo from people that love it and think it is a miracle, or from others who can’t stand to touch it. I do use it quite often because I am either quite lazy and can’t be bothered to wash my hair if I’m not leaving the house (shhhh we all do it!) or if I feel my hair looks flat after taking it out of a pony tail I will spray it on. Batiste is a well known dry shampoo brand (this is not a advert I just happen to use these) which is cheap and comes in a variety of different scents. I have used nearly all of the scents and I would have to say the classic is my fav. Its fresh but smells like perfume, and I’m not too keen on fruity smell.

But does it work?

I would say yes… depending on your hair type. If you have blond hair, quite often if it is greasy it isn’t as noticeable as someone with say my colour hair. Mine isn’t dark brown but it shows greasy very well… unfortunately. If you hair is mega greasy it isn’t as effective. Also some people use too much and therefore it makes your hair feel horrible and the product will look like dandruff. It is best to shake it before use and hold it further away from your head, rather than closer, therefore it will spread over your head without using a lot of product. Also to get the best result, making your hair look cleaner, spray it on… wait… leave it a bit… massage it in… wait again… and then brush it out. If you don’t leave it, you don’t allow it time to sink in and for the product to work. It is like putting normal shampoo straight on and washing it off without rubbing it in.

Have you ever used dry shampoo?

Emily Clare

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10 thoughts on “Does Dry Shampoo Work?

  1. Yes, I only use it if my hair looks a little bit flat or greasy. I use the brunette version as the normal one leaves my hair looking a bit white and that not really the look i want to go for. But on the whole i do love it as it saves me from looking completely gross if i don’t have time for a shower

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  2. I saw these at some store but I didn’t have high expecatations for them, so I got the Herbal Essentials and that worked great. I just read a review about how great they are and now I’m kinda paranoid it won’t be that great. Love this post, super helpful! xx

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