What Is Bronzer?



When I first started using makeup, I had no clue what most things where about, other than foundation and mascara. I didn’t know about the products which aren’t always used in everyday makeup looks. But now I am accustomed to makeup, things like bronzer are part of my everyday look. The one product I didn’t really know much about was bronzer; hence why I thought to do this blog post so that others in the same situation as I was, can become more familiar to it.

Bronzer is your go to product if you want to look a little more tanned (come on who doesn’t?!) and is most commonly found in a powder formation. You can get different shades of bronzer, some more orange or some more ashy, some matte and some glittery.

To apply bronzer you want to use a large fluffy brush (this is what I use as I find it the easiest but other people like using contour brushes) and you want to apply it in the ‘3’ shape on the side of you face. If you don’t know what I mean, it just means putting it on your temples, in the contour of your cheek under your cheek bone and just under your chin. It creates a shadow whilst making your skin look naturally bronzed and adds a healthy shimmer.

I have come up with a few tips to help any of you who want help picking the best bronzers and how to use them.

1) You don’t want a bronzer that is too dark or too strong because it will take the natural tan away from the look your are going for.When your choosing your bronzer, you want to hold it up to your face, and the best colour will be two shades darker than your normal skin tone.

2) If your going to wear makeup under your bronzer, you want to start off with a slightly darker base colour. The ‘makeup math’ to this is that the foundation will make your skin look slightly more tanned so your bronzer won’t be too dark.

3) If you choose a bronzer with a shimmer then it is best to use this under your cheek bones as it acts like a highlighter as well.

The bronzers that I often use and the ones that are in the photo will be linked below:

AVON Glow Bronzing Pearls

Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic Powder

Mac Powdered Blush in Film Noir

MUA Bronzer in Shade 1 (not available online)

MUA Bronzer in Shade 2

If this has helped then let me know and comment what product you would like me to explain!

Emily Clare

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