The Best Books Ever?!

Whilst I was on holiday I read some books (yes, I actually read some books…) but there are two books which I just utterly fell in love with so much so that it would be criminal not to blog about them.


I hadn’t heard of this series before I found it but I knew about Giovanna because of her husband Tom Fletcher. I actually picked up the second book in the series, Always with Love, without realising it was the second book of a series. I then went and picked up the first book in the series, Billy and Me, so when I put them together I was shocked that it was a series. I’m so glad thought that I found these books as they are amazing. It is a romance novel, for teens to adults and thy are just spectacular. Not only is it very well written, it is also an easy read and considering I almost never read any books, I finished both books in a matter of days. The main character Sophie and Billy follow and amazing concept with twists and turns and it captures two different lifestyles in one. I won’t give away any spoilers but these books are definitely on my top lists of books.

If you haven’t read these books then I would HIGHLY recommend them. You can find Giovanna’s page here.

Emily Clare

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