How To Get Perfect Brows!



If your like me, brows are everything, and I consider filling them in as one of the most important parts in an everyday makeup routine. I always fill my brows in and I have tried and tested many brow products but I have recently found one product which helps me get what I feel are the perfect brows. Everybody likes their brows filled in a particular way so if you disagree with this then keep doing your brows the way you like to.

The product I like to use is the ‘Freedom Makeup London Pro Brow Pomade in Ash Brown‘. This is similar to a gel consistency so because of this I use the ‘Bobbi Brown Ultra Precise Eyeliner Brush‘ as it allows me to have a little bit more accuracy when applying the pomade. If you are new to filling in your brows then sometimes a pomade of gel is a little daunting, so I would recommend the ‘HD Brows Eye&Brow Palette‘ because it has a range of colours and a powder is a little easier to control.

Firstly you want to brush through your brows using a spoolie brush to make it easier to create the right shape of yours brows. Then taking either your pomade, gel or powder you need to outline the edge of your brow creating the initial shape. You can see the shape of mine in the (horrific) photos above. Then you want to carry on the line towards the inner of your brow, making the bottom line almost touching the middle but the top stopping further back. This will help create the faded effect in the centre, making your brows look more natural. Now fill in your brows starting from the outside and coming inwards. Once your have shaded in roughly 3/4’s of your brow don’t add any more product to your brush, but lightly shaded in the middle. Then using your spoolie your want t brush your brows upwards and outwards to finish off the look.

Remember eyebrows are sisters not twins, so if they don’t look identical then it doesn’t matter!

I do apologise for the horrible photos but I was in a rush!

How do you fill your brows in?

Emily Clare

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