The Best Mac Lip Combination



If you have been reading my blogs for a while you will most probably know that I love a bit of Mac makeup… but who doesn’t? I have tried a few of their lipsticks and lip liners but recently I have been loving one specific lip combination because it creates what I feel is a really good ‘Kylie Jenner lip’. However I did not come up with this duo, I have to give credit to the Mac employee in my local store who suggested it.

The lipstick which is shown is the classic ‘Velvet Teddy’. Yes now this is one of the most popular lipsticks by Mac because it is a gorgeous matte nude/pink lipstick. I love the feel of Mac lipsticks because they aren’t sticky on the lips but it is so moisturizing which is incredible for a matte lipstick. It is also really easy to apply without a lip brush and it is very pigmented so only needs one coat.

The lip liner which I think goes perfectly with this lipstick is ‘Soar’. This is a berry pink colour but isn’t as dark as the traditional ‘berry’ colour (sorry, best way to describe it!). It is soft so is easy to apply… Sometimes I feel like lip liners are too hard so hurts to apply… Please don’t tell me I am the only one who thinks that… Ha ha!

As the lip liner is slightly more pink than the lipstick, applying it to the outside of you lip creates a vision of you lips looking larger and plumper… Hence why I think it is the perfect ‘Kylie’ dupe. When I wear this combination I apply the lipstick FIRST rather than the lip liner because then I can outline my lips depending on my lipstick, making my lips look more naturally larger.

If you are looking for a good Mac lipstick combination then I would definitely try this because you can wear it either during the day or at night and creates a very trendy lip look.

Have you got either of these products?

Velvet Teddy


Emily Clare

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