Today was the day that all sixteen year olds across the country have been waiting for… Yes GCSE results. So you may remember back in May and July I was blogging as recently because I was taking my GCSE exams. If your not from the UK then GCSE are exams which you take when you come to the end of secondary education, before going into sixth form to do A levels.



Along with the rest of my year group at ten o’clock this morning we all went up and collected out results. I wasn’t going to open them at my school and I was just going to go home, but my friends and I all ended up opening our results together and we all did amazingly.

It is so good to be able to open up your results and feel the relief knowing that all that revision had paid off!



As you can see from above, I got two A*s, six As and two Bs which I am super happy with. I’m most happy about the A*s (of course) but because they are in the subjects that I want to do for A level. I am also pretty impressed that I got an A in my maths considering I forgot my compass in the first exam… Word to the wise never forget a compass in your maths exam!! Nonetheless I am super happy!

To everyone else who took their GCSEs and got their results congratulations. Whether you did better or worse than you were expecting just remember that you did your best and even though GCSEs are said to be ‘critically-important-so-much-so-you-could-die’ (that is a joke by the way 😉 ) they aren’t the end of the world.


Emily Clare

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10 thoughts on “I GOT MY GCSE RESULTS!

  1. You did amazing, congratulations! I got mine yesterday too and posting about it tomorrow- I’m just so happy weve ​finally found out our results after so long!! xx

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  2. That’s amazing! Good for you.
    I don’t what your grading system is like but if it’s anything like the one over here, you’re a regular brainiac.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best in your endeavors.

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