What Makeup Brush Is Which?

I am starting a new series involving what I think is the 101 guide to makeup. Everything which you may need to know about makeup will be answered (hopefully fingers crossed). I will do one blog post a day and then hopefully by the end if you didn’t know something about what you perhaps could do in your everyday makeup, you then will know.

So I am going to kick the series off by talking you through the essential makeup brushes.

Kabuki Brush

NYX Pro Brush 01

A kabuki brush can apply everything from foundation to finishing powder and almost any product that in between that needs to spread evenly over a large proportion of the face.

Foundation Brush

Smashbox Foundation Brush

Foundation brushes smooth liquid or cream formulas on your face evenly and with more coverage than a kabuki.

Eyeshadow Brush

eye shadow brush
Clinique Eyeshadow Brush

While there are an endless array of brushes meant to make the eye truly shine, a basic but fluffy eyeshadow brush can’t be beat when you need to blend though a flat version makes it much easier to pat on pigment.

Smudging Brush

Boots Smudger Brush

A small smudging brush can do more than make your eyeliner smolder. It can pull double duty as a brow definer, a precise concealer brush or even a lip brush. Just remember that washing them after every use not only will create better application for the future but will stop any unwanted spots.

Beauty Blenders


I love beauty blenders and makeup sponges simply because they are the best to apply cream cosmetics, including foundation, concealer and shadows. Thanks to the beauty blenders egg shape it blends the makeup without any of the lines or corners you would see with conventional sponges.


Rimmel Fix and Perfect Primer

I chose this primer above because it is a perfect and affordable item which you defo need! Primers are meant to make your foundation last longer and come with an endless variety of benefits from mattifying oily skin to illuminating dull skin and everything in between. They aren’t necessary for every look, they work especially well for heavy complexion products and more intricate looks. All you have to do is dot a pea sized amount on your face and rub it in, leaving it to dry before continuing with the rest of your makeup.

I hope you enjoy this series, it will be happening everyday so stick around and follow to make sure you don’t miss one!

Emily Clare

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