Whats The Deal With Foundations?

If you read my blog yesterday then you will be mega aware of the new series I have started and I am therefore here today to continue it! But if you haven’t read the first blog post to this series about tools then find it here.

Next on the list to becoming a makeup know it all is foundations. They are super important because it creates a base for your overall makeup look. If you don’t know the ins and outs of different face products then don’t worry because I will tell you all you need to know.

Liquid Foundations

Revlon Colour Stay Foundation

Liquid formulas vary in different ways, for example skin coverage and it can be applied with either your fingers, a foundation brush or makeup sponge. To apply, dot a pea sized blob to the areas you want to cover and then even it out by spreading and blending it into the skin.


Powder Foundation

NYX Hydra Touch Powder Foundation

By dusting a small amount of powder foundation on your face, it provides a sheer coverage over the face allowing your skin to show through. This is best for those whole want a lighter coverage. With a powder foundation its better to start with a small amount and then build up as needed to stop your skin looking cakey.

Cream and Stick Foundations

Clinique Chubby In The Nude Stick Foundation

Cream and stick formulas are best when dotted and drawn onto the skin and blended similarly to liquid foundations. I found that sometimes, depending on the product, it is better to apply with your fingers because it warms up the product making it easier to apply. Another option is to use a slightly damp makeup sponge as adding a bit of liquid to the product makes it spread more evenly.

Cushion Foundations

Dior CAPTURE TOTALE Dream Skin Cushion Foundation

Yes there is such thing as a cushion foundation! Beautifully housed, cushion foundations have a buildable coverage of liquid foundations minus the mess! All you have to do is press the sponge applicator into the product and press onto you skin. Apply additional layers if you wish to have more coverage. You can also blend the product with the puff to make it look more natural. You could also use a foundation brush with this product.

Foundations as you can see come in different forms and really you just have to play around and find the one that suits you best depending on what type of skin type you have. It is also key to make sure you choose the right colour of foundation. If its your first time buying foundation, don’t just guess online, gong into your local store and test out different types and colours. Even ask the lovely assistance that might be in their to help as often they have small machines to help choose the correct colour. It is such a weird but cool experience!

If you are loving this series share with your friends and keep following to find out about concealers tomorrow!

Emily Clare

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8 thoughts on “Whats The Deal With Foundations?

    1. Quite often when you buy expensive makeup, sometimes your just paying for the brand name, like when you buy a Mac product they are well known and you pay extra because it’s Mac. Some more expensive brands charge more because they are better quality eg Cliniques foundation is my go to product because it’s lush. But I have had many cheaper foundations which are just as good. If your looking for a cheaper one I love the Rimmel wake me up foundation.

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