Conceal It, Don’t Let It Show! | Concealer Knowledge

Continuing my ‘Makeup 101’ series, today’s post is everything you need to know about picking and using the best concealer for you. If you haven’t read the other posts in this series the click here.

Concealers are used to hide any blemishes, marks or dark circles on your face. However they come in different solutions and different colours to aim at specific imperfections.

Brightening Concealers

Sleek Makeup Luminaire Highlighting Concealer

Brightening concealers are renowned for having a more runnier consistency than the average concealer and often are given a shimmer or illuminating ingredients to brighten dark circles. You need to dab a few spots under your eye and blend towards your cheeks. This ensures the makeup is not too heavy under your eye as this is a delicate area.

Multipurpose Concealers

Maybelline Super Stay Better Skin Concealer

Being the most versatile concealers, they’re light enough to use under the eye but offer the exact same amount of pigment as creamy concealers. Again just dot the concealer on areas needing a little more coverage and blend it in.


Cream and Stick Concealers

Bourjois Correcting Concealer Stick

Because cream and stick concealers have a heavier formula the often provide the best coverage – perfect for covering up the pesky spot! You can directly apply it with your finger because you body temperature helps blend it. Often with cream or stick concealers you can skip the foundation and just blend in the concealer where it is needed.

I hope you now know a little more about the types of concealers you can get!

Check the others in the series if you haven’t already!

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