Ins and Outs Of Powder and Bronzers!

I can’t believe I am writing the forth in this series! I am loving it! Are you?

Today’s ‘Makeup 101’ is all about face powders and bronzers – basically ways to sculpt and shape your face just by using makeup! Crazy ain’t  it!

Translucent/Pressed Powders

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Whilst there is an endless list of methods you can use to set you makeup, like setting spray, I always find powder the best. This is one of the most popular ways to set your makeup because you simply just dust it onto your skin with a large fluffy brush. Translucent powders have no colour to them but you can get powders suited to your specific skin colour as well.


Collection Bronze Glow Mosaic 

Bronzer is a powder used to add a bit of colour to the places on your face where the sun hits, like your brow bone, cheeks, nose and chin. It is good to use when you have fake tanned your body and your face does not match, or in summer when you want more of a glow. Bronzer can come either matte or shimmery, shimmery often being the most effective because it can highlight your cheeks bones. To use it all you have to do is add  small amount to the areas mentioned about with a small fluffy brush.

Sorry this is a short one but I decided to split all the face, and contour ideas up because it would make it less confusing.

Please check out the others in the series here if you haven’t already!

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