Don’t Make Me Blush!

If you haven’t guessed from the title, the next installment of ‘Makeup 101’ is all about different variations of blusher.

What is blusher? Blusher is used to add colour to you cheeks, and create a natural flushed look to stop your from looking too gaunt with the look that foundation can sometimes create.

Cream Blush

NYX Cream Blush in Rouge

Most cream blushers are found in small pots or sometimes as a stick and are easy to manipulate without making a mess. They are very versatile as you can apply them with either a sponge, or a a brush… even your fingers if your in a rush so you can create a rosy look whilst your on the go!


Powder Blush

Mac Gingerly Blush

Although powder blushes tend not to have as much colour pay off as cream blushes, I prefer them… I think I just prefer powder to cream because I find them easier to control. All you have to do is sweep a small amount across the apple of your cheek and then blend the colour up to the top of your cheek bones. Powder blushes are easily buildable giving you access to the perfect look.

What type of blush do you prefer?

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